North America

Track 2 Session 3
1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Wednesday June 20, 2007

Integrating Hardware and Software Reliability Analysis

Software and hardware reliabilities are often assessed separately due to differing processes. If a whole-system view is taken at all, it is usually a product of separate software and hardware analyses. However, this approach ignores interactions and dependencies between the hardware and software and can introduce error into the system assessment. This presentation shows advantages of an integrated approach over traditional approaches and outlines a process for accomplishing an integrated system reliability assessment.

When assessing a systems reliability, taking an approach that integrates hardware and software reliability assessments can be more representative of the systems true capabilities than an approach assessing software and hardware separately. Interactions between the software and hardware can be better captured, reducing error and providing a more accurate assessment of the systems operational performance.

Key Words: Software Reliability, Hardware Reliability, System Reliability, Integrated Approach, Dependency

Ann Marie Neufelder
Lewisville, Texas

Jeffrey R. Jacobs
Brass Analytics, LLC