North America

Blue Room - Session 6

9:10 to 10:10 a.m. Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Application of Reliability and Engineering Tools from Product Development to Volume Production

Reliability and engineering tools such as DOE, FMEA and FRACAS represent great aids in the transition from initial prototype design to manufacturing in large volume as production scales.

This presentation examines how such tools are implemented in an organization that specializes in research and development, prototyping and volume product manufacture. Each gate has its specific requirements and therefore the reliability and engineering tools have to be understood and applied accordingly. The reliability growth and robust design are implemented through loops of continuous improvement with introduction of concepts of Design Robustness Testing (DRT) and Risk Assessment in Design Similarity (RADS). This vision is the key of a successful and reliable business process.

Key Words: Engineering and Reliability Tools, Research and Development Process, Design Robustness Testing (DRT), Risk Analysis of Design Similarity (RADS), Qualitative Reliability, Quantitative Reliability

Ruxandra Bantoiu

ITF Laboratories

Montréal, Québec