North America

Red Room - Session 4

2:20 to 3:20 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reliability Maturity Assessment (RMA) as Part of Design for Reliability (DfR) Process

In an organization, many activities focus on assessing the reliability of a product being designed. However, there have been recent efforts in assessing the maturity of the organization itself and its processes in regards to reliability. Reliability Maturity Assessment (RMA) is a valuable and effective tool for assessing the maturity of an organization in regards to its design processes and its ability to produce reliable products. Employing RMA contributes to risk identification and mitigation early in the product development process and can be an important part of the Design for Reliability process. This presentation will also cover the areas where ReliaSoft’s Synthesis Platform can provide help in assessing the reliability maturity of an organization.

Key Words: Design for Reliability, Reliability Maturity, Reliability Maturity Index, Reliability Analysis, Process Improvement, Supply Chain, ReliaSoft Synthesis Platform

Andre Kleyner

Delphi Electronics & Safety

Kokomo, Indiana