North America

Blue Room - Session 1

10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Reliability of Moonshots

In this presentation we want to give an overview of how reliability can be done on moonshot projects like we do them here at Alphabet. At Alphabet, a moonshot must have the following 3 ingredients to be considered a moonshot project.

  1. A really big problem in the world — something that, if solved, could make millions of people’s lives better.
  2. A radical solution — a product or service that sounds like it’s straight out of science fiction.
  3. Breakthrough technology — some kind of evidence that gives you a glimmer of hope that a solution might actually be within reach within a decade or so.

We will show how we tackle moonshot projects from a reliability perspective and answer questions like: How can we make moonshot projects reliable and still reach our goals in time? What are the tools that work and which ones don't so we have to find alternative solutions? What are challenges we have to face as reliability engineers? What are unique problems we have to solve?

Key Words: Self Driving Cars, Loon, Moonshot, Stratosphere Reliability, Design for Reliability, Manufacture for Reliability, FMEAs, Test Planning, Test Specifications, Design Guidelines, Reliability Programs

Celine Geiger


Amrita Lonkar