North America

Blue Room - Session 3

9:15 to 10:15 a.m. Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Relianomics Growth: One of the Most Important Metrics

Relianomics growth is similar to reliability growth, except relianomics growth takes into account the cost of failures, improvements and the reliability of a product on a single plot. If one only presents reliability growth, the cost/benefit side of the equation is ignored. The cost/benefit side of the equation is of the utmost importance to all companies. This presentation provides examples of relianomics growth in a very simplistic manner that can be applied to any product, subsystem or component. Methods are shown to combine relianomics growth of individual subsystems or components into a relianomics growth curve for a product. A side benefit of relianomics growth monitoring is the ability to demonstrate the reliability improvement necessary to offset the increases of product costs unrelated to the reliability of a product. The key to relianomics growth tracking is development of a cost metric of dollars per operating unit for the product, subsystem or component. The operating unit can be time, volume, revolutions or any other suitable product metric.

Key Words: Reliability, Economics, Relianomics Growth, Reliability Growth

Stan Stephenson


Duncan, Oklahoma