North America

Blue Room - Session 6

9:15 to 10:15 a.m. Thursday, June 15, 2017

Turning Test Failures into Success

For years validation testing in the automotive industry has focused on "passing specs," where often what actually constitutes a pass has been hazy. Most specifications do a good job with basic test plans, such as sampling and possibly B10 but do poorly dealing with failures. A failure generally starts a panic in the engineering and quality communities, so focusing on running to failure and its implications before testing starts is sound practice. In reality the failure mode data is, quite often, more useful to the design team than failure time and is much more valuable than a simple determination of pass or fail.

This presentation will focus on the tools needed to build and implement the "run to failure" philosophy into test plans and specifications. The debate of stopping testing and redesigning either components or the test needs to be addressed up front, not while standing around looking at broken parts. A case study will provide some insight and lessons on how the process can be improved.

This presentation will draw on examples from the automotive industry but should be of interest to a wide range of fields from consumer electronics to medical devices.

Key Words: Accelerated Testing, Reliability Demonstrations, Test to Failure

Harland MacKenzie

Dana - Power Technology Group

Oakville, Ontario, Canada