North America

Blue Room - Session 9

2:20 to 3:20 p.m. Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Application of DfR Processes in the Development of Oilwell Tools

Many oilwell tools are frequently commercialized upon the completion of a relatively short development and field trial program. Some of these tools have a very short Product Life Cycle, while others are expected to function as advertised for as long as 20 years in a hostile down hole environment. This includes tools which have electronic content. From an end-user perspective, the requirements for reliability continually increase. How much risk associated with product operation and longevity can be mitigated through design improvements? How well can laboratory test programs verify that the design meets reliability targets? Most importantly, how what are reasonable levels of product reliability?

Many DfR processes are available for identifying and mitigating risk in the design, installation and operation of oilwell tools. This presentation will explore some of the more impactful DfR processes, along with case histories which demonstrate how DfR has enhanced the development, installation and operation of some tools.

Key Words: Down Hole Tools, DfR, Oilwell Tools

Douglas Lehr

Baker Hughes

Houston, Texas