Applied Reliability and Durability Conference
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North America

Red Room - Session 3

9:15 to 10:15 a.m. Wednesday, June 14, 2017

From Safety Requirements to System Topology and Reliability Requirements

Safety and Reliability are fundamental to system design and involve a quantitative assessment prior to system development. An accurate prediction of reliability and system safety in a new product before it is manufactured and marketed is necessary as it allows us to forecast accurately the support costs, warranty costs, spare parts requirements, etc.

Today's society, nationally and internationally, is characterized by a lower level of tolerance towards accidents, especially due to errors in the technical system, while the requirement for greater accessibility and affordability are being tightened. The use of complex and integrated systems changes the conditions for system safety and reliability work, increasing interest for new techniques and methodologies in these areas. However, beginning a system safety and reliability study as early as in the concept phase is not without its challenges. A difficult balancing act is how to proceed in order to optimize system safety taking into account reliability, cost (and weight). There are often conflicting requirements between these areas, for example in terms of redundancies that increase safety but (gives rise to higher weight,) reduce reliability as more errors can occur and therefore also maintenance requirements and increased costs.

Key Words: Reliability, Safety, Hazard, SIL, PFHd, SFF

Amnon Ganot

Gertron Ltd.

Yavne, Israel