North America

Red Room - Session 4

10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 14, 2017

FMEAs - Half the Time with Improved Effectiveness

The presentation describes a process that cuts the time to create an FMEA in half while significantly improving the ability to identify risk areas and develop/track actions to address risk. The process utilizes existing DFSS tools and links them into an efficient and effective process. The presentation describes the use of Boundary Diagrams, Parameter Diagrams and an FMEA format that links these tools with actions to identify risk. The FMEA tool also links to a Design Analysis Plan (DAP) to track actions to prevent risk and the Design Verification Plan (DVP) to track actions to detect that the risk areas will not occur. The tools and forms are all Excel-based so no special software is needed.

Key Words: DFSS Tools, Boundary Diagram, Parameter Diagram, Design FMEA, Design Analysis Plan (DAP), Design Verification Plan (DVP)

Fred Smith

Eaton Corporation

Galesburg, Michigan