Track 1 Session 5

9:10 to 10:10 a.m. Thursday March 24, 2011

Reliability Analysis and RBI Planning for Industrial Vessels

Open fire heated pressure vessels for steam or hot water generation are widely used in the process industry to heat endothermic reactors, tanks, pipes and devices. The mean time to failure of the vessels is usually lower than other process apparatus, especially in the petrochemical industry. This same problem exists in district heating systems during the winter period. There is no economical sense to stop a plant — or stop heating a city — to perform maintenance. So, how to manage a plant vessel’s reliability? Based on UDT’s own database of failures for different types of vessels, this presentation will discuss how UDT helps customers to rank and analyze the risks, reduce the risk elements and optimize the life cycle costs.

Key Words: MTBF

Andrzej Kozak