Track 1 Session 6

10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday March 24, 2011

Reliability Engineering Inside

Around the globe, individual reliability engineering techniques are used during big programs to reduce problems concerning safety, quality and production efficiency. Those programs aim to create business value by increasing asset reliability. The maximum contribution to create value through reliability engineering, however, lies in linking those individual techniques to close the reliability improvement loop. Value Driven Maintenance (VDM) focuses on creating maximum value by optimizing maintenance organizations. Reliability engineering plays a crucial role within VDM by focusing on turning reliability engineering into a "living program" that supports continuous improvement and thus value creation.

This presentation will focus on the basic requirements needed for successful and sustainable reliability results: 1) The reliability engineering process; identifying critical assets, setting up preventive maintenance plans (RCM II), executing those plans and monitoring the results. 2) Reliability engineering IT-tools to facilitate the process. 3) Making sure people have the needed reliability skills and competencies. 4) Systematically managing the data quality.

Key Words: Reliability Engineering, Value Driven Maintenance, VDM, RCM Process, RCMII, Asset Management, Reliability Management

Jasper Lipsch


The Netherlands