Track 2 Session 10

9:10 to 10:10 a.m. Friday March 25, 2011

Advanced Reliability Analysis of Warranty Databases (RAW) Concept

Especially within the automotive industry, added values to maintain customer satisfaction lead to increasing product functionality and escalating component complexity. This results in complex damage causes in the field during the customer use phase, additionally increased through reduced development phases. A key element to ensure product reliability lies in a precise and economical reliability analysis during the customer use phase.

This presentation shows approaches of current research work for the application of nonparametric statistical methods in combination with industrial statistical methods of field damage analysis. The advanced reliability analysis of warranty databases (RAW) concept, developed by the University of Wuppertal in cooperation with leading automotive companies and suppliers, integrates these approaches with the goals of: 1) Comprehensive mapping and analysis of component failure behaviour, climatic and regional influences based on different production batches. 2) Detection of damage causes at an early stage (small sample sizes). 3) Use of nonparametric significance tests during field observation, even for small sample sizes at an early stage after market launch, in which parametric methods are not applicable

Key Words: Reliability Analysis, Field Observation, Detecting Damage Causes, Nonparametric Statistics

Stefan Bracke

University of Wuppertal