Track 2 Session 11

10:20 to 11:20 a.m. Friday March 25, 2011

Component Life and Reliability Optimization of the Supply System for Mobile Refrigeration and A/C Units

A new supply system has been developed for propulsion of a truck refrigeration unit, bus and rail heating ventilation air condition unit. The reliability qualification program applied in the development of the new electrical supply system was presented in the 2010 ARS Europe as a complex part of the new technology development process. This presentation is focused on the effect of specific system component design parameters (alternator rated power and belt transmission) on the component rating life and supply system reliability. The effect of the alternator selection and belt transmission design is investigated through the utilization of the real measured data from cooling capacity testing and known vehicle installation data. The component load data are derived from the refrigeration unit duty cycle by simulating the supply system behavior and applying an analytical calculation. The system reliability data are evaluated based on the probabilistic simulation approach.

Key Words: Rating Life, System Break-Down, Average Fluctuating Load, Nominal Load, Life–Stress Relationship, Probabilistic, Reliability

Václav Verner

Ingersoll Rand Equipment Manufacturing Czech Republic s.r.o.

Czech Republic