Track 2 Session 3

1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Wednesday March 23, 2011

Product Development Under Consideration of Component Obsolescence and Reliability Risks

Component obsolescence risks along with aleatoric and epistemic risks of failures of a product are already implied in its design phase. Ensuring a systematic obsolescence risk assessment in combination with a detailed reliability investigation within the design process of electronic assemblies for subsea applications lead to a combined approach ensuring that risks are as low as reasonably feasible and that adequate safety has been incorporated to the product intend. Obsolescence risks are documented and may therefore be checked whenever required. Pro-active measures can be taken. In this presentation it is described how the development of an Electric Subsea Choke Valve by application of systematic reliability and obsolescence assessments within the product design process lead to a reliable and robust design under consideration of previously identified risks.

Key Words: Development, Risk, Reliability, Obsolescence, Subsea

Stephen May