Track 2 Tutorial 2

3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Thursday March 24, 2011

Applying DOE in Accelerated Test Planning

The Design of Experiments (DOE) methodology has been used in planning for accelerated tests for the main purpose of identifying the significant factors that affect the life of the product. But the application of DOEs can be extended beyond this important piece of information. A successful accelerated test will yield sufficient failures within the allowable test time, while maintaining the same failure modes as those seen in the field, and with high confidence in the analysis results. In this presentation, we will show how DOE results and data can be used to determine the number of samples to be tested, and at what corresponding stress levels, in order to increase the probability of performing a successful accelerated test. Results from an actual test will be presented.

Key Words: Design of Experiments, DOE, Accelerated Test Planning

Adamantios Mettas

ReliaSoft Corporation