Track 1 Session 1

9:10 to 10:10 a.m. Wednesday March 28, 2012

Reliability’s 3Rs of the New Product Development Process

In new product development, there are three elements that are essential to success. The first ‘R’ represents the ability to identify Risk early in the project, and over the entire development process of the project. The second ‘R’ is the ability to perform effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA), which includes an integral ability to solve problems. Finally, because no matter how hard you try, things still show up in warranty, the third ‘R’ represents Reaction. The enterprise needs to be able to react quickly and effectively. This includes the ability to detect emerging issues, identify their causes, then quickly and conclusively remove them from the process/design. This session reviews the justification of the 3 Rs and explores the necessary steps an enterprise needs to take to ensure that these disciplines are core competencies, and are agile enough to be able to serve the enterprise at all stages of the development cycle.

Key Words: Risk, Root Cause, Capability

David Auda

Volvo Powertrain