Track 1 Session 10

9:10 to 10:10 a.m. Friday March 30, 2012

Application of Pressure Test Based on Operating Environment Data Analysis

Most of the industrial testing standards are developed with some level of conservatism to cover a wide spectrum of the possible product usage. There is a high probability of failure-free operation when the qualification test is passed. But if the product does not pass the test, it is not possible to make valid assumptions about the probability of failure in the operation environment. The test plan designer often has to decide: 1) Which standards should be used for product qualification to insure a robust product and avoid over sizing? and 2) What is the risk level if the product does not pass the test?

An approach with respect to operation environment and component strength variability is presented. It is applied for definition of the pressure burst test procedure of the refrigerant circuit components (e.g., heater exchanger).

Key Words: Standard, Product Qualification, Operation Environment, Robust Product, Noise, Variability, Coefficient of Variation, Stress, Strength

Václav Verner

Ingersoll-Rand Equipment Manufacturing Czech Republic s.r.o.

Czech Republic