Track 1 Session 7

1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Thursday March 29, 2012

Risk Assessment Management for Automotive Warranty Return (WR)

Risk assessment analysis is a key challenge for warranty return management in the automotive industry. The automotive industry has a very high standard for quality and reliability due to the high-volume production and tough completeness marker where quality, reliability and cost are key business parameters. In this presentation, we will present the process flow to manage a risk assessment on the automotive market. The Weibull calculation is not the more complex step of this process with the support of the Weibull++ software. Rather, the key step is the data management before risk assessment to focus on the right failure mode, the right part concerned by this failure mode and the data "cleaning" operation. This process step is not difficult but can generate a lot of erroneous risk assessment predictions.

Key Words: Warranty Return, Risk Assessment, Automotive, Weibull++, Reliability

Damien Chardaire