Track 1 Session 8

2:20 to 3:20 p.m. Thursday March 29, 2012

A New Approach for Determining Reliability and Field Return Rate in the R&D Phase

Reliability and return rate prediction of products is traditionally achieved by using stress-based standards and/or applying accelerated life tests. But frequently, predicted reliability and return rate values obtained using these methods differ from the field values. The main reason for this is that products do not only fail due to the stress factors mentioned in the standards or used in accelerated life tests. There are additional failure factors, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD), thermal shocks, voltage dips, interruptions and variations, quality factors, etc. These factors should also be considered in some way when predictions are made during the R&D phase. Therefore, a method should be used that considers such factors, thus increasing the accuracy of the reliability and return rate prediction. In this presentation, a parameter that incorporates such factors is created, and the method for combining this parameter with traditional reliability prediction methods is introduced.

Key Words: New Parameter, Failure Risk Factor, Product Indicator, Combination of New Parameter with Traditional Prediction Methods

Gürmen Kahramanoğlu and A. Tarkan Tekcan

VESTEL Electronics AS


Mustafa Gündüzalp

Yaşar University