Track 2 Session 11

10:20 to 11:20 a.m. Friday March 30, 2012

Economic Potential of Reliability Data in the Application of Spare Part Provision

In order to position yourself successfully in the market of machine tools and plants, it is important to gain an advantage over your competition by using novel concepts in the service sector, for example the spare part provision strategies. The proprietary service structure must therefore be assessable. An effective adduction therefore requires a well-grounded planning methodology that facilitates economic progress. This presentation shows a systematic and practical approach to spare part provision at optimal cost, which is based on the structural data of the machines in the field, their operation conditions and their failure data. Through statistical reliability analysis and the integration of load impacts, a more precise prognosis of the spare parts demand can be achieved. The resulting choice of the optimal spare part provision strategy forms the essential part of the presented methodology.

Key Words: Machine Tool and Plant Industry, Load-Dependent Reliability Figures, Spare Part Provision

Dominic Appel and Gisela Lanza

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology