Track 1 Tutorial 1

3:30 to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday March 28, 2012

Reliability Growth Planning, Analysis and Management

In order to attain desired reliability objectives, early system prototypes are often subjected to reliability growth testing. The importance of reliability growth for the successful attainment of reliability requirements was a key finding of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Developmental Test & Evaluation. In its 2008 report, the Task Force found that the "lack of continuous RAM improvement during design, and the resulting low initial MTBF and low Growth Potential, are the most significant reasons that systems are failing to meet their operational suitability requirements." The Task Force recommended that "RAM, to include a robust reliability growth program, be a mandatory contractual requirement and document progress as part of every major program review." This tutorial is focused on methods and tools to successfully plan, analyze and manage a reliability growth program in order to attain the reliability requirements or goals. All the models and methods are designed for real world applications and illustrated by easy-to-follow numerical examples.

Key Words: Reliability Growth Planning, Reliability Growth Analysis, RGA

Larry H. Crow

Crow Reliability Resources