Managers and ARS

ARS offers high-level insights that decision-makers can implement throughout their organizations

The best managers continually encourage growth and innovation in their organizations to find the best and most efficient practices. Engineering managers in a wide variety of industries personally participate in the International Applied Reliability Symposium (ARS) and also encourage their team to attend.


TestimonialsBenchmark the latest best practices
Presentations from experienced industry professionals offer applied, practical insights into the current solutions and methodologies that managers and their teams could leverage for their unique challenges.


Past Attendees and PresentersNetwork with other decision-makers
The symposium attracts participants from leading organizations across the globe and top professionals in the field. Ample networking opportunities are available to discuss lessons learned and current initiatives with like-minded individuals.


OpportunitiesPromote professional development opportunities for your entire team
ARS offers everything from high-level concepts for management to application-specific ideas for engineering teams. When teams attend the symposium together, every member comes away with focused knowledge to enhance their career and their organization's goals.


See what ARS can do for you, your team and your organization... Attend, Present or Exhibit